Friday, February 09, 2007

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I've looked at a lot of drupal modules now and found much more seemingly-useful documentation. I can't even keep it all in my head at the moment, so I'm going to gather it all together in this post. Hopefully it will be easier to see how it all might fit together once its clustered on the same page. But first, I'm going to briefly describe the goals of the site again, the basic features, to help contextualize the following list of drupal modules & techniques.

Users and the teams they comprise should have rich profiles that are easy for them to edit and easy for us to remix in new views.

Content Types
Users can create and revise a variety of content types: their profiles ( which will really be a synthesis of several different content types), posts to their team's blog, certain elements of their team's profile, their team's wiki pages, forum posts, comments, and eventually, media rich content types like embedded youtube / brightcove video and their history of promoting / digging all of the aformentioned types of content (perhaps not comments).

User Access Control
Users can only edit content that is associated with their team (i.e team blog, team project abstract) or associated with the entire site (i.e. comments, forums) - they shouldn't be able to edit another teams content.

Team Map
The team profile should contain fields that geolocate the team (either address or lat / lon). The site should feature a mashup of all the teams on a google map, presenting content like the team name, picture, abstract, and interesting recent activity like blog posts (& forum posts & promoted content).

RSS feeds should be available for all episodic content: team blogs, forums, and other interesting recent activity (diggs, new vodcasts).

User Registration & Team Application
Teams must satisfy several requirements before admitted into the competition:
  • team leaders (2+ faculty members) must register all of their team members for user accounts (establishing the roster),
  • submit the team proposal, which explains the general logistics of the team's project (where they will get wetlab space, reagents/materials, a place to meet as a team, funding for the entry fee, materials, trip to the jamboree, student stipends, etc.),
  • send us the entry fee,
  • and complete an initial portion of their team's profile focused on administrative information such as shipping address (and lat/lon if we can't geocode it), team name, official team name, affiliated institutions, etc.
The website must provide feedback to teams (on their profile page?) on their progress through the application process, making it obvious to them and us what steps have been completed and which are left.

Help Documentation
The new site should take advantage of the types of content built for writing documentation (like Book) and port over all the help documents from the 2006 igem wiki.

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