Monday, January 29, 2007

Diving into Drupal, or, List 'o' Modules

This post of links should help me dive deeply into drupal.

First, getting started with content in Drupal: Node Types.
Also see the docs on Drupal's Taxonomy system.
Also see the great IBM intro to developing a collaborative web site.

Most of the non-essential core modules listed here will be useful (comment, forum, node, profile, search, statistics, taxonomy, tracker, user).

Here's a list of interesting contributed modules I'd like to learn more about:
  • Simplenews: Simplenews is a simple newsletter module which allows both anonymous as well as registered users to subscribe to different newsletters.
  • Massmailer: manage mailing lists (based on PHPList
  • Listhandler: synchronize mailing lists and forums
  • Organic Groups: Enable users to create collaborative groups (incompat. w/ taxonomy?)
  • Organic Groups List Manager: integrated mailing list/forum for OGs.
  • Node Vote: a node voting system
  • Interwiki: wiki syntax for linking
  • URL Filter: automatically turn URL text into hyperlinks
  • User Points: users gain points as they do certain actions
  • Tagadelic: weighted tags in a cloud
  • Privatemsg: an internal messaging system
  • Pathauto: automatic path aliases for nodes and categories
  • Biblio: manage lists of scholarly publications (including .pdf upload)
  • SPAM: tools to stop unwelcome posts
  • Services: standardized API for drupal
  • Google Analytics: free advanced web stats

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Ryan said...

wow, i think you'll have your work cut out for you trying all those modules.